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Healthy Initiatives

Healthy living is about spirit, mind, and body at every age and stage.  Old Colony YMCA is committed to promoting healthier lifestyles and fostering wellness in all the communities we serve, thereby reducing the negative effects of chronic illness.  To achieve these goals, we build community partnerships and seek opportunities to bring health related services to our region.
As a leader in preventative health care, Old Colony YMCA offers a broad range of research-based programs that target specific health issues. All of our programs are people-centric and are designed to help each individual reach a personal best.

Provides structured education and activity in a safe, supportive environment for youth ages 7 through 14 and their families.
Older adults gather in the gym
Work with others in a small group setting to learn how to adopt healthy habits to reduce your chances of developing Type II Diabetes.
Middle-aged adults stretching outdoors
A comprehensive weight loss program that includes nutritional counseling, individualized support, and team motivation.
Working with a YMCA personal trainer
A physical activity and well-being program designed to help adult cancer survivors achieve their holistic health goals.
Building our kids successes
A fitness and nutrition program designed to increase physical activity, helping to increase academic success.
Blood Pressure Self Monitoring Program
An evidence-based program that features personalized support as you develop tips for maintaining your cardiovascular health.