Old Colony YMCA is committed to the development of strong spirit, mind and body, guided by Judeo-Christian principles, to enrich the quality of life for everyone in our communities. We believe that our operations and our business practices must be consistent with our mission, free of illegal or unethical behavior and carried out at the highest level of integrity. Our policies and procedures have been developed to assure that consistent high quality services are offered and are conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

In order to provide total and risk-free confidentiality, we have contracted with EthicsPoint to allow reporting of activities you believe to be illegal, unethical, or involve violations of Old Colony Y's Policies and Procedures or Code of Conduct.

You may choose to report anonymously or identify yourself. All reports are kept confidential and no retaliatory action will be taken by Old Colony Y against anyone who, in good faith, files a report or seeks guidance/makes an inquiry with regard to a suspected breach of conduct.

Prior to making a report to EthicsPoint, please make a reasonable effort to resolve your concern(s) through existing supervisory channels and/or the whistle blower or complaint policies as outlined in our Employee Handbook.

Remember also, that EthicsPoint is not a 911 or emergency service.

Reports submitted through this process may not receive an immediate response, therefore issues presenting immediate threat to life or property or high levels of danger should be treated as requiring emergency assistance and dealt with utilizing procedures as outlined in our Emergency Procedures Manual.

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