Y-Ability is an ongoing effort to strive towards a fully inclusive Y, where individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities are able to meet health, wellness and social goals with support and resources. Possessing recreational facilities, fitness centers and camps within our seven operating branches, Old Colony YMCA (OCY) attracts community members with similar interests who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Used by many group homes, public school special education programs, and partnering with organizations like the Special Olympics, we are uniquely positioned as a destination for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities and are committed to supporting all individuals as they pursue their health and wellness goals.

Areas of Focus

Combating inactivity through participation in fitness activities

  • Supporting athletes through offering a facility to train for sports
  • Thinking through our facility layouts, staff training and community partnerships to promote authentic friendships between people with and without disabilities
  • Combating the unsettling drowning statistics for individuals with autism

We are committed to integration of the inclusion mindset into everything we do, while also offering specialized resources in general fitness and aquatics. An integral part of this ongoing effort, is the engagement of like-minded community partners, individuals and families who are doing this work in our communities. Ask your local branch about their Y-ability community advisory committee!

Connect with Us

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