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East Bridgewater Healthy Initiatives

Living healthy is about spirit, mind and body at every age and stage. As a leader in preventative health care, Old Colony YMCA offers a broad range of research-based programs that target specific health issues. All of our programs are people-centric and are designed to help each individual reach a personal best.

Older adults gather in the gym
A lifestyle change program in a classroom setting for adults who are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
Working with a YMCA personal trainer
A physical activity and well-being program designed to help adult cancer survivors achieve their holistic health goals.
Blood Pressure Self Monitoring Program
An evidence-based program that features personalized support as you develop tips for maintaining your cardiovascular health.
Group fitness class, seated with weights
EnhanceFitness, a low-cost, evidence-based group exercise program, helps older adults at all levels of fitness become more active, energized, and empowered to sustain independent lives.
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