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Looking for help creating an account, reserving a spot, adding family members or just some FAQ? You're here!

How To: Account Setup & Reservations 

Follow along with our staff to see how our schedule and reservation system works!

How To: Navigating Group Exercise Schedules- Live, Virtual, & On-Demand 

We are here to help and are always making improvements. Follow along to learn how to become an expert at navigating all of our group exercise classes - LIVE, Virtual, & On-Demand!

How To: Adding a Dependent 

Follow our staff along as they add other family members to their MotionVibe account for reservations with +1 or more!

How To: Access Schedules & Reservations 

We hear you and we're here to help. Part of our series to help our members access all of the classes and activities you miss so much. Thank you for sticking with us as we launch our new system to keep everyone safe and healthy.


  • How do I create an account?
    • Go to to create an account. Please use your email and member number that are on your Y account. You will have a username and password.
  • What is my barcode number?
    • Your barcode number is the number you use to check-in at the front desk. If you have been assigned a key card, the number on that card or it may be your phone number. Not working? Go old school and locate the number on your scan card.
  • When can I register for my group exercise class or a swim lane?
    • Reservations open 72 hours before the class or swim lane time slots. Once registration opens, there will be a green REGISTER NOW button/text. Click the button and you are registered. If the class or time slot is already full, a popup will inform you and give you the option to join the wait list It will also tell you what position you are in on that list. If someone doesn’t check-in for class or their time slot 10 minutes before, the spot will be released and the first person on the wait list will be notified.
  • How do I login and register for classes or a swim lane if I have no computer?
    • If you don’t have access to a computer you will be able to register at the Y at the front desk or with Health and Wellbeing staff for a class.
  • How do I check in for my booking?
    • You will be able to check in from your smart phone and will be able to quickly show confirmation of class check-in to the welcome desk
    • You may also check in at the welcome desk Until the app is available you will have to check in with the class instructor or the front desk.
  • How far in advance can I check into my class or swim lane?
    • You can register 72 hours in advance for a class or swim lane. You can check-in up to 30 minutes before your class or swim time begins. If you have not checked in 10 minutes before, you will lose your spot in the class or swim lane and your spot will be given to someone on the waiting list. If there is no waiting list and there is still space in the class or an empty lane, you will be able to attend. Swimmers are asked to wait in the locker room until 5 minutes before your reserved time. Learn more about the updated aquatic center guidelines here.
  • Can I cancel a class or lane reservation and how do I do that?
    • You can go back and unregister for the class or swim lane. Unregistering if you can’t come allows another Y member to join the class or get a swim lane when it is full.
  • What if I’m early?
    • Please arrive 30 mins before your class and check in. Once you are checked in please stay outside the building until 10 mins before the class starts. At that time you may enter the building and follow directions to the room. (You can check in anywhere within 1 mile of your branch)
  • What if I’m late?
    • Unfortunately, if you do not check in within 10 minutes of your booking start time, you will be marked as absent and your spot will be given to a member on the waiting list if the booking is full.
  • Do I need to register for a class and check in to a class?
    • Yes, you will need to register for a class or swim lane and check in once you get to the Y. It is similar to purchasing an airline ticket and then having to check-in for the flight.
  • When will the MotionVibe app be available?
    • The app should be available by the end of July
Reservations for Group Exercise, Fitness Studio, Aquatics, and More
Currently, our offerings are available to members only. We recently sent out an email with everything you need to know but we also have a few guides to help along on this page. All set and ready to get moving? Let's get started!