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Taunton Aquatics

Group Fitness

The water is a great place for a workout! Water exercise encourages all to utilize the buoyant qualities of water to enhance their physical fitness. Many adults have already discovered that the swimming pool is the long-sought foundation of youth. Water can make some movements that may be difficult on land 100% do able in the water! Water exercise increase physical strength, endurance, and personal happiness without putting stress or strain on joints. Below is an explanation of the classes we currently offer. If a class is not of interest, we do allow water walking throughout the day in our lap lanes.

Aqua Aerobics

This moderate intensity exercise program held in the pool will give you the benefit of a cardiovascular and toning workout without the stress on your joints. Water shoes are recommended.

Aqua Group Fitness

Fitness Water group exercise classes are a wonderful alternative to “land” exercises. With water exercise, there is less impact on your joints, but you still receive the same cardiovascular workout. All fitness levels and non-swimmers are welcome.

All children 8 through 14 are welcome to participate in all aqua classes at the Taunton Branch as long as they are accompanied by a parent/guardian.  All teens 15 and up are not required to have a parent/guardian accompany them to the class.  We ask that all participants be respectful and to fully participate in the program, if not, you will be asked to leave the class.

*Please note the policy is subject to change.  The YMCA has the right to change based on program needs.

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