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Group Exercise

Group fitness is a great way to get in shape or improve one’s fitness level. At Old Colony YMCA, our Group Fitness classes offer a wide variety of options for every interest and ability. Whether you want to increase strength and endurance, build flexibility and decrease stress, or simply work out with friends in a supportive, welcoming environment, you’ll find a class that meets your needs. Our instructors are dedicated professionals committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Have a blast, meet new friends and get a fresh start on your fitness routine with this comprehensive schedule.

For general information, please call 508-238-9758.

In-Trinity is like doing yoga or Pilates or both on a paddle board! It's innovative and uses muscles you wouldn't normally use in a regular yoga/Pilates class. The inventor (as I'm told) had a cycling injury and came up with this type of exercise. I have a running injury, so trying this out was questionable for me, but it was amazing and now I feel like it's strengthened my injured leg enough where I might be ready to run again. The incline, or decline, depending on what exercise you're doing really challenges you to balance and focus. It's really changed and enhanced the yoga I had been doing all along. I feel stronger and more poised now that I have to "trust my board", as my instructor Andrea always says. With a little martial arts flair, the sticks add another component to the exercise that is different than anything I have ever done. I'm so happy the Y has decided to incorporate this into their offerings. Just another way to change up the same ole same!
Karly, who FOUND HER FIT at the Easton branch