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Easton Arts & Humanities

Class Descriptions:

Preschool / Youth Classes

Me & My Tumbler

Parent and child class. Parents and their little ones experience the world of movement and gymnastics. Supervised by an instructor, parents bond with their child and prepare their child for classes on their own.  Includes both structured activities and open gym time.


Tumblebugs is back! Parent and child class. Parent participation in this program gives the child confidence and security to experiment with a variety of physical challenges. 

Enrichment Readiness

If a child has never done a class without a parent before, or if separation has been a struggle, this is the perfect class! In this 30 minute class, children will separate from parents and participate in fun activities like painting, reading, and games. We will encourage separation and ease into activities to make children feel comfortable. Separating can be difficult, this class is the perfect first step!

Preschool Fun 1 Hour

For children who are ready for a 1 hour program filled with structured, interactive play. Activities include painting, arts and crafts, story time, puzzles, music and games. A snack brought from home is recommended.


Children are ready for classes on their own! Classes focus on the basics of gymnastics through the use of drills and stations. Learn the importance of taking turns, following directions, and being respectful to others in a safe atmosphere.

Crafty Critters

Does your child like arts and crafts? If so, this is the perfect class! Join us for some seasonal fun! We will do many arts and crafts based on the seasons. Pumpkins, colorful leaves, apples, Halloween crafts, turkeys, gingerbread houses, snowflakes, snowmen, valentines, and many other seasonal themes will appear throughout the fall and winter. Come celebrate the seasons with us!

Creative Kids

This class is all about creativity! Arts and crafts, story-telling, drawing, painting, and song-making are just a few of the many creative activities your child will get to experience!

Gym & Swim

You child will enjoy various gym games followed by recreational swim.


Want to learn both gymnastics and dance all in one fun-filled class? Then this is the class for you! Children will learn skills in gymnastics, ballet, jazz, and tap dance. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and bring some water! Tap shoes are recommended.

Let’s Get Messy

Does your child like to get messy? If so, this is the perfect class for them! Finger painting, slime making, clay hand prints, play doh, and many more fun activities!

Lil’ Explorers

Your child will travel through the United States and far away countries without leaving the classroom.  Children will explore the culture of a different area through age appropriate activities involving music, crafts, and games.

Lil’ Nature Class

This class is all about nature and the outdoors! We will spend time outdoors learning about seasonal nature and time indoors doing crafts and activities about what we have learned outside. We will have fun with trees, plants, leaves, pumpkins, apples, rocks, snow, and so much more that nature has to offer!

Makin’ Music

Get your child moving and grooving! Focusing on singing, movement, and musical exploration, children will sing songs and nursery rhymes, move to a steady beat and play hand instruments. 

Preschool Ballet

Introduction to basic ballet. Movements and technique with a focus on positions of the body and feet will be taught.

Preschool Class Sampler

This class has a little bit of everything! We will focus on a different theme each week—science, arts & crafts, cooking, nature, and music & dance are just some of the fun activities that will be included in this class!

Preschool Fun 2 Hour

For the child who is ready for a 2-hour structured program one day a week. Children explore the areas of science, cooking, fine gross motor skills, stories, music, crafts, and more. Must be potty trained. A snack brought from home is recommended.

Preschool Gym

Your child will enjoy a class full of obstacle courses, simple exercises, and games. This program will address skill development, overall coordination, and build self-confidence.

Preschool Lunch & Story

Children bring a lunch from home, eat together, enjoy stories and table-top activities. A great connection between multiple classes!

Tiny Dancer

Introduction to the basics of a dance class. We focus primarily on learning how to work with other children, follow directions, use of essential dance terms and listening to music like a dancer. Tons of fun!

Tiny Tappers

Every child has some kind of rhythm. In this class we’ll explore how to create rhythms with our feet. Children must have tap shoes.

U Build It

This class is all about building! We will do hands-on activities that will help children learn how to construct and build. Legos, birdhouses, clay animals, cardboard castles to decorate, and many other structures will be included in our activities!

Y Kids Cook

Does your child like to help in the kitchen? If so, this is the perfect class! We will learn some basic cooking skills to help us make some fun and healthy snacks!

Adult Classes

Ballroom Dance

Great activity for couples! NO experience required! Come learn the basics of ballroom and Latin dances such as waltz, tango, cha-cha, salsa, and many others! Don’t have a partner? No problem! This class is great to take on your own as well—fun dance steps and a great workout! 

Adult Dance

Looking to learn some new dance skills for an upcoming wedding, party, or just because you have always wanted to dance? You can get an individualized lesson at the Old Colony YMCA in Easton! We offer the following packages:

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