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East Bridgewater Aquatics

Water Safety

Safe Pools Have Rules

  • All members using the pool should exemplify the YMCA’s 4 Core Values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

  • Follow all lifeguard directions. They are responsible for the safety of all swimmers.

  • Showers are required before entering the pool. This is Massachusetts State Law

  • Help us keep it clean! Bare feet, water shoes, and/or sneakers/sandals that are for indoor use only are allowed. No street shoes are allowed on the pool deck.

  • Keep it fun. Horseplay or other unsafe behavior is prohibited.

  • Prolonged submersion and breath holding are prohibited.

  • No Diving.

  • Only YMCA bubbles and Coast Guard approved flotation devices are allowed. No inflatable devices, such as water wings, inner tubes, rafts, etc. Swim bubbles are available in the pool. They are also available for sale at the Welcome Center.

  • Bathing suits must be worn.  No cut-offs or t-shirts are allowed for health & safety reasons. A cotton white T- shirt may be worn with bathing suit underneath.

  • People with open wounds, rashes or sores are not allowed to swim until they have healed.

  • Food, gum, and glass are not allowed on the pool deck.

  • Flippers are for instructional and lap swimmers ONLY 

Water Safety At Old Colony YMCA

The safety of our members and guests is important to us.  That is why we have partnered with Jeff Ellis & Associates, utilizing their Aquatic Risk Management Program that provides proactive standards, policies, and procedures grounded in risk-management principles. Designed to build on and augment the new International Lifeguard Training Program (ILTP), the Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program provides in-house Lifeguard training, CPR, First Aid, Emergency Oxygen, and AED training.

The YMCA instructors are trained at the highest level of instruction planning, stroke development, and personal safety. All swim instructors are certified lifeguards as well as WSI or YSL certified. 

All Old Colony YMCA lifeguards are held to a higher standard and commitment as a lifeguard. 

An additional lifeguard certification is required, monthly in-service training and frequent unannounced audits are conducted.  We believe that this proactive program keeps our guards rescue ready and prepared to deal with an aquatic emergency.  Do not be surprised if you are using our swimming pool and we conduct an emergency rescue scenario.  We feel that it is important to make all training scenarios as realistic as possible.  We even use a child mannequin, known as Timmy, in some of these rescue scenarios.

This investment in safety by Old Colony YMCA is incomparable in our region.