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Campaigner Toolbox

Thank you for supporting Old Colony YMCA's Annual Campaign!

Welcome to the OCY Campaigner Toolbox. You are part of an extraordinary team of volunteers and staff who are committed to children and families who call Southeastern Massachusetts home.
On June 30th Old Colony YMCA closed out the fiscal year as well as our 2018 Annual Campaign.  We are thrilled to announce that as an Association we have surpassed our $1.5 Million Annual Campaign goal by raising a total of $2,007,174, making this the most successful Campaign in our organization’s history!  Although our campaign has officially come to an end, the impact this campaign makes on thousands of people in your community can be seen in their beginnings. 

Association-Wide Information

Community Impact Volunteer Solicitation Letter
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Success Stories

Encouraging Accomplishment

I have learned a lot of things at Y Camp - But there is one thing that I know has changed my life, and that is a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT. I may only be 12, but Camp has really helped me learn that I can do anything I set my mind to. I wonder if the counselors know how much they mean to me, even when I’m not at camp. They’ve taught me that you try and try again until you accomplish what you were trying to do. Or if you fail as long as you know you’ve tried your hardest you can always try it again. I’ve used this lesson to get me through difficult times – a tough test at school, a fight with my best friend, or dealing with my parents’ divorce. Camp has helped me to set goals, helped me overcome my fears, taught me to reach out from my comfort zone and believe in myself. I think that if other kids could go camping like I did, then the world might be a little bit better. Kids would have a safe place to be and to just have fun and be kids.  They would learn to make good choices instead of listening to peer pressure and people who boss them around. So, I want to thank those people who helped me go camping. Thank you, I hope you know that you help a lot of kids.

Strengthening Families

Due to some difficult family circumstances, our nieces and nephews came into our care. My wife and I, along with our two children were happy to welcome them into our family.  However, as our family more than doubled in size, we were faced with juggling the many needs of providing for a large family – including finding cost efficient ways to spend time for a variety of ages. We are so grateful to have found the Y during this challenging time!  We received financial assistance and have found activities for all of us to participate in. We use the pool, basketball courts, walking the track and more. The Y has been an important place for us to get out of the house, have a change of pace, and to stay active.  We are truly thankful for the Y and all it has offered for our family.

Campaign Video Gallery

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