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There’s the gym, and then there’s the Y.

As our Y continues to deepen our commitment to service – a commitment that began in 1887 – we are calling on our community to step up to help the most vulnerable among us, and there’s no time to waste.

Every day, families are going without food and essential items. Children are going without the technology and instruction they need to keep up with their education. Parents and caregivers are going without safe, quality child care.

Amid growing economic, academic, public health, and social divides, Old Colony YMCA is in a unique position to build bridges, address critical community needs, and create the a more equitable future for the thousands of children we serve every day.

Be a part of our cause today.

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Interested? Contact us here & let us know you have questions!

Become a Community Impact Member with Old Colony YMCA for a $25 recurring donation per month. It’s time people stopped “going without.” Together with the Y, you can help us give every child, family, and senior a chance to not only succeed…but to thrive.

Old Colony YMCA is a registered 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization.

The Taunton Daily Gazette
Taunton-area sees surge in calls for food assistance since COVID-19.

When you become a Community Impact Member, you become part of a cause that is much bigger than a building or a program. You become part of a cause driven community.

I just got home from work and the kids are showing me the bag that you dropped off for us...there is so much food! I am so thankful and grateful to the Y. Once again thank you so much for helping us.
recipient of recent food donations