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Here in Middleboro, we are becoming increasingly excited to celebrate our 100th summer at Camp Yomechas! As we reach this momentous occasion, we are calling on all camp alumni to share your stories of what camp Yomechas has meant to you over the years.


Re-Engage with Camp Yomechas

Envisioning 100 Years - Projects

Kids swimming and sitting on the beach with lifeguard watching - Waterfront beach at Camp Yomechas

Waterfront and Pools

In June 2022, we completed over $100,000 of necessary maintenance work to our pools, in addition to improving drainage on the pool deck and outdoor showers. While we have a temporary storage shed for our Aquatics and Waterfront operation at Camp, we plan to add a longer-term boathouse, new speedboat and supplemental water crafts, and additional water features to support the enjoyment of campers and their families!

Main lodge at Camp Yomechas with the beach front

Main Welcome Area

New flooring was installed in the foyer of Ramsay lodge in June of 2022. Further projects will include upgrading the foyer storage, addition of a 100 Years donor wall in the main lodge, and upgrading our wayfinding signage throughout camp. There are also opportunities to rehabilitate a small welcome center as you enter camp. A generous donor has come forward with a 6 figure gift to update wiring and backup power supplies at Camp beginning in Fall 2022. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Yomechas Community, we are staying on track for a successful future at camp! And…you may have noticed the upgraded lighting in our main camp area! Thank you Florence Electric for your generosity during our branch closures in 2020. You have truly helped “light the way” for others to follow suit and give their time and talents to such a special place!


Our playground at Way in the Woods for our smallest campers, could use an upgrade. This well used playground welcomes campers during the summer, and community members year round! We have been looking at models that are true to our camp traditions and have current accessibility and safety features. At this time, campers are enjoying our original playgrounds, but they are begging for more!

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Camper wearing a helmet riding a horse in the water with staff guiding the horse for safety

Circle Y

The equine program at camp, called “Circle Y” is incredibly popular not only with the Circle Y campers, but because of what it brings to the overall camp environment! We are looking to connect our existing horse corrals to the barn, upgrade the fencing and drainage, and construct additional covered shelter for the horses of Camp Yomechas! For the summer of ’22, we’ve added additional ground cover, but we’re looking to increase our usable stalls in the barn and think strategically about the location of Circle Y and how we can ensure its sustainability as a core Camp Yomechas offering!

Kid in red shirt and helmet climbing tree with safety harness at Camp Yomechas

New Ropes Course Elements

Everyone loves the ropes course! With recent storm damage and normal wear and tear, our current ropes course elements have needed repairs. When an element is down, kids frown! We are looking to add more elements as well as add a self-sustaining guided course with an updated belay system allowing multiple campers to access elements safely and all at the same time! We have the plans ready, and are hoping to put this new course in place for Summer ’23!

Birdseye view of current frog pond at Camp Yomechas with proposed improvements overlay

Frog Pond and Nature Centers

The Frog Pond and Nature Centers project looks to build on traditions of educating and nurturing teens through Camp activities. Specifically, through development of a Nature’s Classroom around the famous “Frog Pond,” a potential vernal pool! Note: The pool has not been certified but spotted salamander egg masses were observed during a site visit on March 31, 2022. Our nature’s classroom is planned to include a story book trail, small viewing platform, binocular/telescope stands, and placards to educate children about surrounding wildlife and vegetation. The Nature’s Classroom would be built slowly over the next few years, beginning with removal of trash and debris from the potential vernal pool in the summer of ’22! Imagine a story book trail, where small wooden signs with pages from a nature based story book were placed approximately 10’ from the water’s edge around the pond. A trail like this would allow campers and families visiting the area to learn more about the environment. For example the story “Big Night” by Sarah Lamstein could be used in the spring to teach visitors about the inhabitants of the vernal pool and observe the habitat at the same time. This plan has been approved by Middleboro’s Conservation Commission and the local board of selectmen.

Camp Yomechas Nurses Cabin - Brown building with lots of windows and red nurse sign

Nurse’s Cabin and Bath Houses

The nurse’s cabin and bath houses at camp are in need of renovation. Beyond paint and fixtures, we are looking at options to replace the KYBO structure. Our nurse’s cabin is in need of upgrades to the office space, infirmary, front porch and bathroom. From new camper beds, to insulation and paint, we will do what it takes to ensure every camper’s safety and comfort. We have been talking with other camps and recreational facilities to find the solution that is most sustainable for Yomechas.

Our Legacy

For 100 years, Camp Yomechas has endured. Beginning in 1922 as Camp Jenny, an overnight camp for “boys of good moral character” run out of Old Colony YMCA’s Brockton location, the camp has adapted through time to meet the needs of surrounding communities while maintaining it’s rich tradition and values. 

Today, Camp Yomechas is run by Old Colony YMCA’s Middleboro branch as a co-ed day camp serving children from over 42 towns during the summer months. Year round, Camp Yomechas operates as an extension of branch membership and offers outdoor learning, special event space and fitness environments for all Old Colony YMCA members. Sitting on 32 acres of woodlands and fields on the shores of beautiful Lake Tispaquin, Yomechas provides a wonderful supplemental experience to traditional branch membership and a sense of belonging for campers as they return year after year.

With a commitment to nurturing the potential of children and teens, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility, Old Colony YMCA (OCY) camps ensure that every individual has access to the essentials needed to learn, grow and thrive.


The next 100 Years...

Through the passion of today’s staff and support of committed alumni like you, children will continue to make lasting friends and memories here at Camp Yomechas! Through ongoing alumni engagement, we will preserve the rich tradition of the last 100 years, while adapting to meet the needs of today’s kids!


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