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Family Services

Family Life Center

The development of the Old Colony Y Family Life Center (FLC), a supportive transitional housing program for 13 families living in the City of Brockton, is based upon the Old Colony YMCA's belief that the family is the strongest and most capable unit to nurture children and help them become responsible, successful members of our community.

When a family is in crisis they need consistent, proactive, supportive services provided by caring adults who are experienced, culturally competent and understanding of their needs.  Additionally, when a family is in crisis because they are homeless, about to be homeless, or their living environment is a barrier for child permanency; it is easy for a family to fall apart.

The Old Colony YMCA's Family Life Center works with families to provide comprehensive formal and informal community supports to stabilize the family and enable them to remain together.  We understand the devastation of the family unit during times of crisis, and are aware of the hardships that a mother faces - economic issues, lack of education, inability to maintain employment, living in fear, and the lack of safe, viable, local options for housing.  These hardships lead to additional trauma for both mother and children.  In times of crisis a mother must deal with past violence, protection of her children, and maintenance of her employment.

The FLC works side by side with mothers to help them maintain family functioning, and to meet both emotional and concrete needs.

The Old Colony Y provides case management and supportive services to families and children who are experiencing multiple crises and are in need of support.  We believe that the family deserves respect - reducing the stigma they face as they experience the hardships of inequality of education, poverty, substance abuse, and homelessness.  Services are strength-based, empowerment focused, and based upon the individualized needs of each family unit.  The overall goal is the belief that wrapping positive support services around each family, utilizing the strengths of the services at the YMCA and throughout the community, is the key to strengthening families, and in turn, creating stronger communities.

For information about the Family Life Center, please contact:

Erin Spaulding
Executive Director, Family Services

Family Life Center

40 Father Kenney Way
Brockton, MA 02301