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On Monday, July 6th, all Old Colony Y branches will reopen with new safety guidelines in place. Please follow the link below to find everything you need to safely return to your Y. All set and ready to make a reservation? Click here

Old Colony Y Passes Annual Campaign Milestone

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

A letter from David Hyman, Senior Vice President of Mission Advancement,
and a special video message from our future CEO, Marcus.

On June 30th Old Colony Y closed out the fiscal year as well as our 2018 Annual Campaign. I am humbled to announce that as an Association we have surpassed our Annual Campaign goal and have reached a new milestone by raising more than $2 Million. Congratulations on this accomplishment and for making this the most successful Campaign in our organization’s history!

The theme of this year’s Annual Campaign has been “For a Better Us”. But what does that mean? One of the things that makes our Y so special is that its here for everyone...for all of US. They Y is a part of people’s lives when things are going well and it is a part during their most challenging struggles.

Some of US want to be healthier. Whether its suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity or heart disease, or someone who just wants to stay fit, the Y is here. Through our wellness centers and expertise of our highly trained staff, the Y makes it possible for people in our communities to lead healthier and happier lives.

Some of US want to be included. Over recent years our communities have seen a steep rise in the number of kids with differing abilities such as autism. The Y is committed to being there for these kids and their families and has developed “Y Ability”, a new program that meets specific needs through specialized classes such as swimming, fitness, art and music.

Some of US are experiencing homelessness. The Y is here for these families to give them a safe place to live, the support, love and resources to move towards living independence, and the follow up needed to ensure their ultimate success in the community.

Some of US of are cancer survivors. The Y supports those who are newly diagnosed or working to regain strength after difficult treatments like radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. Through our free LIVESTRONG at the Y program, people come together to learn from and inspire one another on their road to cancer recovery.

Some of US are working parents with children. They Y is here for over 3,000 of these kids every day in one of our 48 child care sites. These kids have the opportunity to be surrounded in a safe environment by caring adults and are developing the social skills and an educational foundation that will last a lifetime.

Some of US are mentors, some of US are campers, some of US youth leaders, some of US need substance abuse or mental health counseling, and some of US just want a place to meet up with friends. Whatever and whoever the US is, Old Colony Y is here.

The Y’s Annual Campaign is all about making these and many other opportunities available to everyone…to all of US. Thank you for helping to surpass our fundraising goals, supporting our mission, and choosing to be a part of our Old Colony Y family.

With respect and admiration,



David F. Hyman
Senior Vice President, Mission Advancement


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