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Behind the Y: Stopping the Summer Slide

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

A periodic newsletter from our President and CEO, Vinnie Marturano.

Behind the Y

As the school year winds down, children across the country are getting excited for summer.

Their developing minds will have a ten week vacation from the school, homework, and tests they face from September to June.

At the Y, it's our job to make sure the same learning, engagement, and critical thinking that takes place during the school year continues all summer long.

Why? Because during the school year, students from all backgrounds are capable of learning at the same rate - but in the summer, everything changes.

Children from middle income households have the opportunity to access activities that continue to challenge them throughout the summer. 

But, as we all know, the cost of camps and summer programs can create a barrier for some families. 

While kids with access to enriching programs continue to progress during the summer, those without means remain stagnant or may even regress.

We call this summer learning loss.

This concept is explained in further detail by this video, which outlines the academic achievement gap created by disproportionate access to engaging summer activities.

At the Y, we're in a great position to fill this "gap." 

We welcome thousands of kids every summer to one of our five camps, and provide financial assistance to 54% of families.

During the summer, we're able to infuse academics into our daily camp adventures for all children - but for many, we take it a step further. 

We've developed dedicated summer learning loss prevention programs that target the students who need them most. Working hand in hand with local school districts, we're able to extend learning beyond the classroom walls.

To learn more about these free programs, our results, and our partners in making them happen, click here.


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