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SEIL (Southeast Independent Living)

SEIL was opened in December 2014 and is a Department of Youth Services funded community based residential program designed to provide educational, vocational, recreational, clinical and other independent living skills to older adolescents involved with DYS.

SEIL is a six bed program that services adolescent males, aged sixteen to twenty-one who are committed to DYS, although it can serve clients over 21 who have signed on for additional services. The program is an open door community based program, which helps individuals reintegrate into the community after they have served time in locked secured facilities. 

The clients are assisted in finding employment, completing educational goals, developing positive structured recreational activities, and working with clinical staff to address issues that may hinder their transition from DYS to the community.

Clients work with staff to create a structured daily schedule that provides quality, goal oriented activities throughout their week. The program provides supportive services that are tailored to these activities including rides to work and/or the gym. Education attainment is an important part of the program and clients can participate in HiSET (GED) programming at a number of community based agencies. Upon completion of their HS diploma or equivalent, clients are eligible to enroll in post-secondary educational opportunities such as Massasoit Community College.

Finding meaningful employment is another key to success in the program. Earning a paycheck allows clients to have financial independence and is for many individuals the preliminary step in their career exploration and resume development.

Clinical services are also provided to all clients. A master's level clinical coordinator works individually, and in groups with the clients. The clinical coordinator also serves as a liaison between the resident and community agencies for clinical and medical services. Clients work with clinicians to address a wide array of issues including but not limited to anger management, substance abuse, gang affiliation, positive social skill development, and coping skill development. There are many techniques for individual therapy utilized and the program also runs Dialectical Behavior Therapy groups in compliance with the DYS model. Additionally, clients are offered the opportunity to receive clinical services by community agencies.

Darren Shanks
Jamie Burke
Clinical Director


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