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Family Stabilization Program

The Old Colony Y Family Stabilization Program is presented as a Comprehensive Program of services which include a team approach of a Y Caseworker, Clinician, Community Mentor and Program Director.  This program as "a wrap around program" works intensively with families and their "at-risk" adolescents in their own homes and community.

Our focus is to provide useful practical services which are designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Strengthen/support/maintain a family's ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment

  • Develop coping skills for the adolescent and reduce the utilization of ineffective means

  • Strengthen family's support network by helping the adolescent become involved within their community

  • Strengthen the family's ability to parent their children/adolescents without external power being involved

  • Lessen the adolescent's sense of isolation or despair

  • Help the adolescent develop his/her ability to seek out, find and obtain the services which they require

  • Help the adolescent develop his/her self-control and manage their trauma related dysfunctional behaviors

The YMCA Stabilization Team, the family, the DCF Social Worker or DMH Caseworker and Family Network Staff would initiate this program by completing a thorough psychosocial evaluation of the family system.  Our program then utilizes this thorough assessment to establish a treatment plan which would be facilitated primarily by the assigned staff and secondarily by the merging of our Community Supervision Network, Mental Health Clinic and Day Reporting Center.

Mother, father and teen son
Working in collaboration with human service agencies in the Greater Brockton and Plymouth areas
Smiling teen boys and girl
Working intensively with families and their "at-risk" adolescents in their own homes and community