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Plymouth Y Fitness

Youth Fitness

Youth Circuit

Monday - Thursday, 5 PM - 5:30 PM and 6 PM - 6:30 PM

Open Circuit

Ages 8-10
Youth are required to have direct supervision from a parent or guardian

Open Circuit

Ages 11-14
Youth are welcome to use the fitness circuit after taking a youth fitness orientation

Guided Circuit

Ages 8-14
Instructed classes to guide youth in proper fitness techniques while parents use the facility

Youth Fitness Options By Age

Ages 6-12

Designated group fitness classes, including Kid’s Zumba®, Bootcamp, and Yoga

Ages 8-12

Youth Circuit with a parent or trainer

Ages 11-13

Synrgy Youth Circuit Class

Ages 13+

Regular Group Fitness classes (except BODYPUMP), and use of the Fitness Center after completing a Get Started appointment

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