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The Brockton Summer Leaders program was designed as a high school readiness program for incoming freshmen from multiple middle schools in Brockton. First piloted in 2013, the program provides professional development and leadership training for youth, enhancing their confidence and self-esteem while building youth into community activists. After two weeks of initial training, Summer Leaders serve as valuable role models for younger campers at Camp Yomechas and Camp Satucket twice a week.

Leaders run learning-based activities fostering an excitement to learn outside of school in response to the academic achievement gap. Our 24 graduated leaders will join past graduates as future Counselors in Training (CITs), employees, Board Members, and more in our Y family. Given the continued success of our Summer Leaders program in Brockton, the Old Colony Y piloted a new model in the Plymouth community in 2016. Similar to the Brockton model, rising freshmen were asked to step up as role models to younger kids in partnership with the Plymouth Public Schools. After two weeks of initial training and coaching, leaders served at Camp Clark two days a week, and engaged in additional professional development opportunities on Fridays.