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2023 Gun Violence Prevention RFP

Safe Corners is a street outreach program that is designed to reduce violence, create the opportunity for peace, and pave the way for youth in the community to connect to positive relationships and opportunities. Project Safe Corners is a program of the Massachusetts Shannon Collaborative whose purpose is to prevent and intervene in gang and youth violence.

Safe Corners Peace Advocates provide outreach services to area youth. Peace Advocates work in the community, on the streets, in the schools, and places in the city where youth gather. Peace Advocates work to build positive relationships with youth, teach youth alternatives to violence, model nonviolence, take steps to prevent retaliatory acts, and assist in mediating conflicts on the street.

Peace Advocates can work to connect a youth with services in the community including mental health services, emergency services, health care, job training, educational services, social supports, and mentoring.

Safe Corners can also provide training and information on mediating conflict, can provide support and education to parents about gangs and youth violence, and can provide support to victims of violence. They also help people set and achieve goals, providing jobs and development programs for youth, and support victims of violence.

Our Peace Advocates wear clothing, including t-shirts and jackets that identify him or her as a Safe Corners Peace Advocate. Peace Advocates also carry identification badges.

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For more information or to make a referral to the Safe Corners program, please contact Heather at 508-894-2816.