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Snapshots of Joy

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

On Monday, April 9th the Stoughton Branch hosted an art show including a special exhibit of youth photography, “Snapshots of Joy.”

This is the culmination of the work of 33 children who participated in a special after-school community education program through Finding One’s Voice, Inc. (FOV), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides the tools and the opportunity for youth to create works of visual art and writing to express ideas, feelings, and beliefs in a constructive manner.

FOV believes that the self-discovery made by the children through self-expression lays a foundation for them to develop confidence and the inner fortitude to choose grace, kindness, and compassion as they lead their lives.

“The Y has been a proud collaborator with FOV since May of 2017 with 53 children in our after-school program having taken the course," explained Caitlyn Sweeney, Program Director at the Y. "Having first hand seen their progression from uncertainty to total confidence in their work and their ability to discuss their work brings me a sense of accomplishment as the director. It’s with constructive tools like the ones Snapshots of Joy offers that these children can find creative outlets that also teach them the importance and beauty of patience since all their work is done with disposable cameras. I look forward to growing our relationship with FOV and in turn with the youth of our community.”

If you would like more information about this exhibit or FOV, please contact Ann Beach at 781-702-0641 or email at