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Following An Emerging Global Leader Through Thailand

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Our very own Amanda Trask, Director of Mentoring, is representing our YMCA at the 19th World Council of YMCAs in Chiang Mai, Thailand this week. Follow her adventure below, and learn about how she's making our Y - and Ys across the globe - better for everyone.

July 12th: Patricia Pelton becomes the first World YMCA female President.

What is the World YMCA?

Map 2
  • Confederation of 119 National Councils of YMCAs
  • Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Global YMCA movement serves more than 58 million each year
  • Fosters communication across the YMCA Movement
  • Develops programs to promote youth leadership
  • Provides leadership on global youth issues

What are their objectives?

  • Discuss the strategic direction of the global YMCA Movement
  • Elect WAY officers and the WAY Executive Committee
  • Installation of new Secretary General
  • Develop YMCA staff, volunteers and young professionals
  • Share best practices on youth and community development with international colleagues
  • Network with partners, develop new strategic collaborations

What is this year's theme?

  • Long-term focus on Empowering Young People - #YE4Good
  • Make a collective impact in four strategic focus areas, including Health, Emplyoment, Environment, and Civic Engagement

What is a Change Agent?

  • Change Agents are young leaders (like Amanda!) advancing change and expanding the Y's impact around the world
  • More than 200 agents between the ages of 18 and 30 are gathering this week, with 14 from the United States
  • Agents facilitate learning sessions, workshops, and group work
  • They'll help set the direction of the International YMCA Movement, and will work during and after this event to provide leadership for the World Council

What's Happening This Week?

  • More than 1,200 delegates are gathering from more than 80 countries (100 from the United States)
  • Topics include Perceptions of the Y Across the Globe, Inclusion, and Strengthening Partnerships

Amanda's Schedule

  • United States Delegation Meetings
  • Partner Movement meetings
  • Group Excursions
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Change Agent Workshops
  • Networking and Leadership Development
  • Y to Y Partnership Meetings
  • Diversity and Inclusion Conference
  • Thai Cultural Shows and Peformances
  • Visits to the Chiang Mai YMCA



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We have the potential to become the global platform for youth empowerment
Carlos Sanvee, Incoming World YMCA Secretary General