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25th Annual Employee Service Awards: Recognizing 935 Years of Service

On February 28, 2019, hundreds of Old Colony Y staff gathered to recognize the commitment, passion, and longevity of their peers and colleagues. A Legacy Award is also presented to a former staff member who embodies the mission and core values of the Y.

To begin the event, Allison Daley, Senior Executive Director of our Family Services Branch, gave an inspiring devotion about servant leadership that encapsulates the spirit of the event.

"Servant leaders value diverse opinions – regularly seeking out the opinions of others to ensure that the absolute best next step is taken.

Servant Leaders cultivate a culture of trust – with our youth, families, members, staff – so we can be honest and vulnerable as we move forward together.

Servant Leaders develop other leaders – teaching other to lead and providing opportunities for them to do so – paving the way for the future.

Servant Leaders help people with life issues – recognizing that personal development extends beyond meeting contract goals or increasing revenue, but being there on a personal level matters.

Servant Leaders encourage – a true leader says 'lets go do it' not 'go do it.'

Servant Leaders think about you, not them – and talk as 'we.'

Servant Leaders act with humility – it is not about the title for them...these are the leaders that welcome the kids into their office no matter how busy they are. These are the leaders that shovel the steps to pave the way for their colleagues, families and members. And the leaders who cook on the grill – because there is still joy in that work, in being part of the team, and in engaging directly with our Y family."





Vincent Marturano, President/CEO, Association Office


Helena Gray, Child Care Lead Teacher, CBCC - West Chestnut St.
Vivian Rene, Associate Executive Director, Central


Hazem Abdo, Senior Youth Care Advocate Fall River, Pre-Independent Living Program
Deana Melone, Senior Director, Fall River Community Based


Patti Brady-Travers, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Taunton
Toni Brodeur, Child Care Teacher, East Bridgewater
Victoria Hunt, Water Fitness Instructor, Easton
Roula Lombardi, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Easton
Dennis Mihaly, Building Superintendent, Central
Elizabeth Morrison, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Taunton
Suzanne Perdigao, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Taunton
Heather Shruhan, Director, Safe Corners
Harry Viber,t Caseworker, Family Services


Jo Ann Axford, Billing Coordinator, Community Based Child Care
Maxine Bloom, Water Fitness Instructor, Easton
Karen Bussey, Child Care Teacher, East Bridgewater
Rosann Doherty, Group Fitness Instructor- MindBody, East Bridgewater
Susan Harrington, Site Coordinator School Age, Community Based Child Care
Laurel Hartrey, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, East Bridgewater
Diane Peloquin, Child Care Lead Teacher, Stoughton
Joseph Siciliano, Cafe Supervisor, Brockton Revocation Program
Tabitha Valcin, Youth Care Advocate, Transition House
Kathleen Wood, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Easton


Hassan Abdi, Director, Boys Detention Program
Joshua Borges, Community Monitor, Fall River Community Based
Eileen Cunningham, Child Watch Staff, Easton
Allison Daley, Senior Executive Director, Family Services
Ann DiTondo, Site Coordinator School Age, Community Based Child Care
Gregory Dudek, Swim Instructor, Middleboro
Lisa Durant, School Age Sr Group Leader, Easton
Frances Ellis, Water Fitness Instructor, Central
Isabel Goncalves, House Monitor, Family Services
Joseph Lamarone, Assistant Shift Supervisor, Fall River Pre-Independent Living Program
Klebeta Kushta, Child Care Lead Teacher, Stoughton
Karlee Ottino, School Age Director, Community Based Child Care
Adela Perez, Child Care Teacher, CBCC - West Chestnut St
Manuel Quiles, Parking Lot Attendant, Central
Mary Ellen Sylvia, School Age Director, Middleboro
Heather Zukowski, Sr Kidzone Staff, East Bridgewater


Ron Abecassis, Personal Trainer - Group, Stoughton
Susan Andrea, Group Fitness Instructor- MindBody, Middleboro
Dena April, Child Care Teacher, Middleboro
Anthony Bacon, Network Manager, Association Office
Howard Ballard, Youth Care Advocate, New Bedford STARR
Astride Barnard, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Central
Di’Andra Butner, School Age Director, Youth
Daniel Cassidy, Masters Swim Coach, Middleboro
Samantha Cave, Program Coordinator, East Bridgewater
Ralph Cherduville, Youth Care Advocate, Brockton Revocation Program
Richard English, Housekeeper, Stoughton
Michael Fields, Lead Monitor, Lowell Community Corrections
Valerie Fontaine, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Middleboro
Patrick Forde, Clinician, Mental Health Clinic
Donna Francis, Sr Child Care Director, CBCC - West Chestnut St
Lynn Gardner, Welcome Center Representative, Middleboro
Nelson Holmes, Director, Transition House
Fernando Horton, Shift Administrator, STRIVE- Lowell
Diane Johnson, Secretary, Family Services
Hermelynda Latouche, Health, Wellness & Prgm Director, Central
Samantha Loonie, Child Care Teacher Assistant, East Bridgewater
Laury Lundy, House Monitor, Family Services
Maureen Lynch, School Age Site Coordinator, Community Based Child Care
Olivia Madeira, Site Coordinator School Age, Middleboro
Jennifer Mangelson, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, East Bridgewater
Jennefer Marchetti, Health & Wellness Coordinator, Easton
Lisa May-Beaton, Senior School Age Director, Plymouth
Theresa Mighty, Child Care Lead Teacher, Stoughton
Raul Monteiro, Shift Supervisor, Boys Detention Program
Brianna Murdock, Clinician, STRIVE- Lowell
Jeremy Murphy, Casework Coordinator, Fall River Community Based
Tracy Nadolny Duguay, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Middleboro
Caylee Nickley, Clinician, Southeast Independent Living Program
Jacquely Porter, Child Care Teacher, Stoughton
Erica Pupek, Welcome Center Representative, Middleboro
Yamilette Rivera-Figueroa, School Age Group Leader, Taunton
Shantelle Roache, Program Coordinator, Family Based Services
Evan Rocha, Lifeguard, Easton
Leonard Rosenblatt, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Stoughton
Pia Ruokis, Group Fitnss Instructor- Mind/Bod,y Central
Bethanney, Serrano Welcome Center Representative, Central
Amanda Soares, Child Care Teacher, CBCC - West Chestnut St
Jean Sobell, Water Fitness Instructor, Easton
Kerin Swartz, Group Fitness Instructor - Cardio, Taunton
Dylan Sylvester, Caseworker, Family Services
Shannon Tarpey, Lifeguard, Easton
Michael Teixeira, Youth Care Advocate, Boys Detention Program
Sylvia Thornton, Theater/Music/Performing Arts, Middleboro
Laura Tweedy, Group Fitness Instructor - Strength, East Bridgewater
Allison Tyler, Clinical Coordinator, Transition House
Jennifer Vantran, Group Fitness Instructor- Cardio, Stoughton
Kaitlyn Vasile, Aquatic Director, Stoughton
Joneiha Veiga, Youth Care Advocate, Transition House
Steven Wade, Laundry Attendant, Stoughton
Kierre West, Construction Skills Trainer, YouthBuild
Joseph Wilkins, Culinary Supervisor, STRIVE- Lowell
Nathania Yassen-Royce, Child Care Teacher, Easton
Chelsea Zawadzki, Program Director, Stoughton