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Smallest Winner

Helping you reach your healthy goals

This 12-week program emphasizes regular exercise and proper nutrition to help you reach your goals of living healthier successfully. Your trainer & teammates will support you throughout your twelve week weight-loss journey and beyond!


Season 23 - Traditional In-Person Smallest Winner

Old Colony YMCA offers Smallest Winner participants a comprehensive weight loss program that includes nutritional counseling, individualized support, and team motivation.

Each week you'll receive:

  • One individual 30-min. trainer session

  • One 60-minute team workout session


  • Weigh-in week 2/14

  • Kickoff 2/21

Traditional in-person Smallest Winner is back for Season 23!

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Season 23 - Virtual Option

These times have affected everyone differently and we’re here to support you. As a member of Old Colony YMCA you now have a chance to gain your health back with our expert staff all as a benefit of membership. That’s right! Included in your membership! Start your journey and take back your body; you have nothing to lose... except those few extra pounds.

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  • Weekly virtual group exercises
  • No equipment needed
  • Weekly tips & tricks
  • Smallest Winner Prize: 20 pack of 60 minute personal training sessions at your branch of choice
  • Timeline
    • Weigh-in week 2/14
    • Kickoff 2/21
  • Additional Support available!

Get Ready to pick your trainer and log your current weight - your journey begins here!

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Meet June 

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We're here to help no matter the cause; looking to get extra support, missed your workout, want to get ahead of your teammates? It doesn't matter, we can help!