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Our Staff

Tony Figueiredo

Defining “healthy” goes beyond being “able." Health includes physical and mental aspects of an individual and being content with their lifestyle. Exercise is the core that great things deviate from such as fitness, friendship and happiness. While working out, muscles are being strengthened, your brain is being stimulated and with each rep your body is  becoming stronger. With every stride of walking or running you are getting closer to YOUR personal pinnacle of perfection. A lifestyle transformation begins as a tough trek, but soon the trek becomes an enjoyable journey that never ends and shorter goals become milestones. Along with boosted self esteem   becoming more comfortable in your own skin, and having confidence levels increase, attaining a healthy lifestyle is a lasting goal that anyone is capable of attaining.

Areas of Greatest Expertise: Functional Training, Weight Loss/Management, Bodybuilding

Ben Green

I believe that what you put in is what you get out. If you want results it starts with working out. I think that every individual has different needs and workouts should be just as unique. I strongly believe that with the right combination of education and motivation we can work to meet your goals and strive for a healthier you.

Areas of Greatest Expertise: Sports Specific Training, Strength Training, Conditioning, Motivation, Weight Loss/Management

Lauren Cucinotta

My goal as a personal trainer is to help educate and motivate people to make health and fitness essential to their lives. I firmly believe that as long as a person is willing to put forth the effort, the results will speak for themselves. A complete and balanced healthy lifestyle is attainable for everyone and can be achieved by accessing personal habits and combining cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, flexibility, and nutrition. I look forward to working with my clients on their road to personal success!

Areas of Greatest Expertise: Weight Loss, Functional Training, Pre and Post Rehabilitation, Sports Specific Training

Helen Byrne

My philosophy is a pretty simple one; work hard and have fun doing it.  I like to challenge people to step outside their comfort zone and find what works for them as individuals. Step by Step little by little anyone can achieve their physical fitness goals. It only works if you work it! 

Areas of Greatest Expertise: Strength and Endurance Training, Weight loss, Active Older Adults, Water Fitness

Elizabeth "Bizzy” Pelaggi

My philosophy is that with a little hard work and dedication anything is possible. As a personal trainer I hope to share with clients the satisfaction I get when I take steps toward being healthier. It is important that everyone knows that it is never too late to start making changes.  Even a small change can have a huge impact on how your body looks and feels.  I became interested in fitness about 5 years ago with my own weight loss journey. I loved the results and how I felt and I can only hope as a trainer I can help other people develop the same passion for fitness as I have. Fitness is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle and I know I would not be the person I am today without the hard work and dedication I have learned through exercising.

Areas of Greatest Expertise: Core Conditioning, Weight Loss/Maintenance, Enhancing Flexibility

Alyssa Williams

My goal as a personal trainer is to find the program that works best for YOU! There is no one size fits all approach to fitness; each program is unique and personalized to help you achieve your goals. If you choose me as your trainer, I will not only help educate and motivate you, but help you find a program that you will enjoy!

Areas of Greatest Expertise: Weight Loss/Management, Functional Training, Sport Specific Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell