Make a change to improve your overall health with an 8 week program focusing on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications personalized for you to create a sustainable healthy future with a support system of certified personal trainers & health coaches.

Program Benefits

  • Gain Energy

  • Gain Confidence

  • Improve Healthy Eating

  • Improve Healthy Habits

  • Improve Mental Health

  • Understand Your Body

Meet Our Health Coaches

Health & Wellness staff, John Croll, headshot

John Croll

NASM-certified Personal Trainer


Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

Blood Pressure Monitoring

BA Physical Education - Michigan State University 

MS Exercise Physiology - Eastern Michigan University 

Health & Wellness Staff, Beth Federico, headshot

Beth Federico

Clinical Exercise Physiologist- 20 yrs Cardiology
(Stress testing, EKG & cardiac rehab)

Adult Diabetes Educator

Certified Health Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

Group Exercise Instructor

Program Goal

Feel Great in 8 weeks while creating healthy habits that are sustainable


What You Get

  • Group Workouts with Personal Trainers
    (Attend one or attend them all!)
    • East Bridgewater Branch
      • Thursday’s at 6:00pm - Chris
      • Saturday’s at 8:00am - Margie 
    • Easton Branch
      • Wednesday’s at 6:30pm - Keith
      • Friday’s at 10:00am - Emily 
    • Middleboro Branch
      • Monday’s at 5:00pm - Errol
      • Wednesday’s at 6:00pm - John
    • Plymouth Branch
      • Wednesday’s at 5:30pm - Jessica
      • Saturday’s at 8:30am - Jessica
    • Stoughton Branch
      • Monday’s at 4:30pm - Cheryl
      • Wednesday’s at 4:30pm - Cheryl
      • Friday’s at 8:00am - Ron
    • Taunton Branch
      • Monday’s at 11:00am - Julie
      • Wednesday’s at 11:00am - Julie
  • Weekly Health Coaching (Monday's at 6:30pm via Zoom)
  • Nutrition Education



  • Program Start Date - 1/15/2023

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Meet Our Health Coaches