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GUEST BLOG: Travis' Smallest Winner Journey, Week 1

Monday, March 4th, 2019

Smallest Winner Week 1

Hello, my name is Travis Ouellette.

I am on Team Black with Kelley as the Smallest Winner coach at the Middleboro Branch. I first want to talk about why I decided to join the program and then how my week went.

I joined the Y looking for a gym, with more of a community feeling. I felt that instantly upon joining the Y. And I felt I would be supported if I joined this program. I had worked with Kelley once before, and I could tell we would work well together, which is why I choose to be on her team. I should mention that I am the only guy on the team of four.

As for my first week, a few things have changed in my life. I am drinking much more water. I switched from coffee to iced tea, as I only need flavoring and a packet of sugar at Dunkin, as compared to getting Extra Extra with French Vanilla swirl iced coffee at Dunkin. I also don't eat out as much, I am making a conscious effort to think about what I am eating.

As for working with Kelley, she worked me hard, but I enjoyed it. My week with her started with my half-hour session on Sunday. I did 3 circuits of an ANRAP workout. Which I felt for that whole week (but in a good way)!

I took a day off, and then on Tuesday, I weighed in at 222, which was steady from the initial weigh in. We then had a team workout for an hour, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We worked in pairs, and something surprised me. I'm not the fastest person with certain exercises, and even when one of the members of the other pair was always willing to keep going, until I was finished.

It's only week one, and we're already feeling like a team. I'm looking forward to the next 11 weeks!



...penned by our friend Travis Ouellette

Follow his 12 week Smallest Winner journey here on the Old Colony YMCA's blog.


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