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The Y Membership; Keeping you and your family healthy, happy & active in 2020. Join Online!


We help kids, adults and families from all walks of life reach their goals and contribute to solutions that improve their lives and communities. We're committed to providing community engaging family activities and value to help your love ones thrive.Through programs and services like afterschool tutoring, diabetes prevention, volunteering, vocational training and more, we provide people with endless opportunities to achieve more.

By joining the Y, you are connected to opportunities, resources, and programs that align with you and your family’s needs and wants. Membership For All - We offer financial assistance on a sliding scale based on your income!

Member Benefits

Category Description Joiner's Fee
Two Adult Family Two adults & children through age 26 $0*
One Adult Family One adult & children through age 26 $0*
Individual Age 27 and older $0*
Young Adult Ages 19 - 26 $0*
Teen Ages 12 - 18 $0*
Senior Couple Age 62+ -
Senior Individual Age 62+ -
Couple (Adult) Age 27 - 61 $0*


*Promotional offer is valid until January 31st 2020, 11:59pm.
**Included in the cost of family membership. Excludes teams. 
Old Colony Y App
The perfect companion to your new Y membership.
Get access to the buzz, the challenges, the rewards & you’ll be up-to-date with all the new offerings
and important updates.
Things to do as a Family Destination
Youth development is one of the Y's area of focus. We're committed to providing our community engaging family activities and value to help families thrive.
Splash Park at Old Colony YMCA Taunton Branch
Did you know our members have Lake Tispaquin beach access? Discover some of the hidden gems inside our Y locations that members sometimes miss!
Camp Yomechas waterfront on a misty morning
A private beach and multiple pools all included with your Old Colony YMCA membership!