Fall River Youth Center

The Old Colony YMCA Youth Center is thoroughly committed to the YMCA belief that "We build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities."  Therefore, it is a natural progression of services for the Old Colony Y to facilitate a Youth Center.  Our Youth Center's focus is on the natural, individual and family strengths, the inherent desire of all human beings to belong to a positive community, and the societal goal of youth living in a supportive, loving, safe, secure family system.  It is our belief that a positive community, a sense of membership, and the mutual provision of respect and appreciation lends to the development of healthy, strong and capable youth and their families.  In conclusion, the Old Colony Y Youth Center believes that "it takes a community to strengthen a family."

Program Description

The Old Colony Y Youth Center provides a "wrap around" care system of services.  These services include:

Primary Interventions

  • Educational and vocational assessments, educational advocacy and skills development

  • Life skills development via the utilization of PAYA modules, volunteer/ community service projects and participation in community based and center *generated workshops

  • The development of an individualized service plan for each youth (as defined by the youth's DCF Social Worker or DMH Caseworker, Family Networks, etc.)

  • Psycho/Educational groups via our Teen Topics program, participation in local Teen Conferences, Career Days, and the utilization of the Choices Program

  • Recreational program via membership within a series of YMCA programs and utilizing various community parks and activities

Secondary Interventions

  • Family support via our facilitation of parent support groups, family therapy, and our home-based stabilization team

  • Mentoring to the youth and/or parent(s) via our Stabilization Program's team *of a Caseworker and a Mentor

Program Specifications

The Old Colony Y Youth Center is a supportive, accessible, "wrap around" program.

The basic tenants are the following:

  • Educational Component
    This Component provides educational/school advocacy, encouragement to complete homework, and skill-building exercises as necessary.  Additionally, when appropriate, we assist clients and their team of families and professional collaterals in accessing a variety of local educational and/or career resources.

  • Day Reporting Tracking
    Within this area, the Old Colony Y Youth Center provides structured, safe, and developmentally appropriate full day and/or afterschool programming for our youth.  In addition, a secondary intervention could include our utilization of the Stabilization Team Model, which would provide the youth with a mentor who would be responsible for the tracking and support of the assigned youth.

  • Transportation
    With the use of a program vehicle, the Old Colony Y Youth Center is capable of providing transportation for our youth.  In addition, the Old Colony Y Youth Center also utilizes this opportunity to develop the life skills of accessing public transportation to our youth.

  • Life Skills Development
    The Old Colony Y Youth Center utilizes a formal program of PAYA instruction, our developed liaisons within the Old Colony Y and Greater Fall River YMCA network, and various New Bedford community resources and partners to develop and promote healthy life skills in our youth.

  • Individualized Programming
    The Old Colony Y Youth Center, as with all of our programming, is capable of establishing developmentally appropriate Individual Service Plans.  These plans would be developed from our utilization of a team, formal educational, clinical and vocational assessments, a review of the youth's treatment history, and the initial goals as presented by our referring agency.  In addition, the Old Colony Y Youth Center would follow the currently utilized system of Quarterly Review Meetings as a means of formally assessing a youth's progress and continuing their preparation for community living.

  • Intensive Family Support
    The Old Colony Y Youth Center is capable of utilizing our Stabilization Teams for support, our Mental Health Clinic for the provision of therapy, and our own series of parenting classes and group support.  In addition, as we have attempted to provide a community resource for our families, the Old Colony Y Youth Center would attempt to connect our families with the Parent/Professional Advocacy League and other local supports such as: Parents Helping Parents, Parents Anonymous, and the Parent Information Network (PIN).

  • Recreational Opportunities
    Being a YMCA, the Youth Center has a variety of opportunities for safe, supported and structured activities for our youth and their families.  The Old Colony Y Youth Center has established a group membership with the Greater Fall River YMCA/Southcoast Network and thoroughly utilizes the various programs the Old Colony Y offers within the Brockton, Taunton, Easton, East Bridgewater, Plymouth and Middleborough communities.

  • Psycho-Educational Groups
    The Old Colony Y Youth Center facilitates a Teen Topics Series which includes such topics as: STD/HIV/AIDS Awareness, Adolescent Substance Abuse, Pregnancy Prevention/Family Planning and Money Management.  In addition, the Old Colony Y Youth Center utilizes our established network of providers to facilitate specialty topics, such as: Bristol County's Sheriff's Choices and SLAM Programs, Project Aware, HIV/AIDS education, Southcoast RAPP Program and our own Career Days.

  • Youth Mentoring/Youth Development
    The Old Colony Y Youth Center thoroughly embraces the Old Colony Y Youth Development Model of Asset and Character Developments and our Stabilization Team's Community Mentor as a means to our youth's overall growth.  In addition, our team concept allows for an on-call rotation and availability of a program response to a crisis, to provide an opportunity for our families to mediate conflicts and to allow for the parent(s) and youth to form supportive relationships, thus allowing the strengthening of the family system by our team's modeling of skills to mediate conflict, support development, reward growth and structure dysfunction.

For further information or to initiate a referral, please contact:

Deana Melone
Old Colony YMCA Youth Center
238 North Main Street
Fall River, MA 02720
508 674 5173 tel