Two Ways To Mentor


  • Mentors are typically students, often attending local colleges such as Stonehill College and Bridgewater State University
  • Site based programs  are run after school in Brockton
  • Requires a one hour commitment per week during the academic year
  • Servicing children at: the Old Colony YMCA in Brockton, the Kennedy Elementary School, the Brockton STARR Program, the Roosevelt Heights Housing Complex, and the AIM program

Site Based Mentoring Programs:

Girls Empowerment
This program is designed for girls in middle school and focuses on respect, understanding, listening, and expressing emotions (RULE). It is designed to help young girls interact with their peers in a respectful and understanding way.  It aims to build their self-confidence, as they work together with girls from all different backgrounds.  The one-on-one mentoring program runs once a week, for one hour.

The Kennedy School 
The Kennedy School program matches mentors with youth in grades 4 and 5 to meet during after school hours once a week. This is a program centered on homework help to improve the academic success of our children through a structured one-on-one environment.  The program also includes activities focused around asset building to help youth develop positive identities and to help them gain an understanding of valuing their community. 

Roosevelt Heights 
Roosevelt Heights services youth ages 9-13 who are local residents at the Roosevelt Heights Apartments. The mentors meet with the youth in a group setting once a week to do a variety of activities including homework assistance, asset building, and community service initiatives.



One-to-One Community Based Mentoring Goals: 

  • Connect youth with positive adult role models
  • Assist youth in a healthy transition from childhood into a morally admirable adult
  • Establish a relationship between a mentor and a youth that is positive, caring, and consistent
  • Foster self-confidence, social competency, and an asset-rich environment 

The details:

  • Matches choose their own activities, from bowling, eating out, or sporting events, to a walk in the park and cooking up a fantastic meal
  • BSBB serves youth in 29 cities and towns in Southeastern Massachusetts
  • Mentors are ages 19 and older
  • The youth are ages 6-18 years old
  • Matches spend two to four hours per week together
  • We ask our mentors to dedicate their time for a minimum of one full calendar year

W.O.W Events: 

  • Youth waiting to be matched are invited to attend events hosted by Big Sister Big Brother
  • Events range from local college tours to arts and crafts as well as gym time and Asset building activities
  • By providing youth with activities, BSBB gets to know the youth and assure the best match is made when picking a Big Sister or Big Brother