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For 100 years, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America has been the premier national youth-servicing organization, based on one-to-one relationships between adult volunteers and children living in at-risk environments.  Volunteers serving as mentors and role models help youth to achieve their highest potential.  Big Brothers and Big Sisters have influenced the lives of over one million children throughout thousands of communities in the United States.


How do I become a Big?

  • Complete a Volunteer Application and return it to the BSBB office at 320 Main Street, Brockton, MA 02301 or email it to
  • Work with BSBB staff to schedule a home interview with you where we can learn more about you and your interests.
  • Attend a training with other potential Bigs to provide you with helpful tips and prepare you for your match.
  • BSBB Staff work to find the Little that is right for you and once a child has been identified, you attend a “Match Meeting” with the Little and guardian. 

*Please note that all volunteers are asked to undergo a thorough screening process in order to apply to the program. Staff members also carefully consider the strengths of the Big and areas of growth wanted by the Little and their parents before completing a match. 


How do I become a Little?

  • Complete a Child Application and return it to BSBB office at 320 Main Street, Brockton, MA 02301 or email it to
  • BSBB staff work to recruit caring adults to find the right Big for the child.
  • The child is invited to attend WOW events, which are a wonderful opportunities for our staff to get to know children while they are waiting for a mentor.
  • BSBB staff schedule a home visit with the child and parent or guardian.
  • When a Big has been identified, and pending approval, the child and guardian attend a “Match Meeting” where they meet their Big.    


To make an inquiry, click here and fill out the presented form.  One of our staff will reach out to you shortly thereafter.  Please make sure all information provided is correct.  The form does not represent a commitment.